MVP-A Update: Week of January 28, 2019

SUMMER INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE - Application due to Dr. Swartwout on Friday, Feb. 8th

  • DORRE positions

  • MVP-A positions

  • Position with NASA Ames Research Center

  • See Dr. Swartwout’s email for more information!


  • Weekly telecons will take place on Wednesdays from 1-2pm from now on. These will be an educational opportunity to learn and get advice from a variety of professionals in the field

Ground Operations

  • The antenna and cables are fixed and back up after a mechanical failure during calibration last week

  • The ARES ground node has been designed and is ready to be developed

Integration and Testing

  • The flat-sat assembly design is done and ready for assembly. This will be started by Feb. 12th at the latest

  • We must use safety equipment and procedures in the clean room from this point on

Command and Data Handling

  • The flat-sat software must be done soon. This package will include a way for the flat-sat data to be processed within ARES

Flight Dynamics

  • The team has successfully accomplished all their critical objectives for this mission so they have been dissolved and the members have to been reassigned to the Communications team


  • The team has gained new members! They will start working on learning Python and programming the transceiver

  • The transceiver can beacon so the next step is to test the receiving capabilities


  • The 3D print for the payload is printed

  • A new CAD model is needed to incorporate the thinner EPS design


  • The team has started the risk management documentation