MVP-A Advances

This week, the team made some significant advances in MVP-A development.

Sam Carlowicz completed the first revision of the MVP-A spacecraft CAD model and worked out how to create cable harnesses in PTC Creo, something previously poorly done. This will allow the team to analyze where their wire harnesses will go before integration and allow for the identification of risks and problems before manufacture of wire harnesses.

MVP-A CAD Revision B

MVP-A CAD Revision B

Brendan McGreal was successful in his attempts to create a power relay switched by a MOSFET. This breakthrough in our capability will allow SSRL to individually power on and off different sensors to improve power management.

High school interns Audrey and Emily officially started this week and got right to work on inspecting the UHF and VHF communication systems to identify weathering and other needed repairs. They will be running an azimuth and elevation motor control verification test in the near future before moving on to Thermal Vacuum Chamber tests and setting up a remote communications station.