Kevin D. McGreal primarily holds a Deputy Program Manager position within the Saint Louis University Space Systems Research Laboratory. With this role he assists the Program Manager in with day to day Lab activities. His main project as a DPM has been to recruit and work with new members to integrate them into the lab work environment. He also works with the Command and Data Handling subsystem and Power subsystem to go alongside his electrical engineering degree. 

Before working as a DPM in his second year in the lab, he spent his first year on the structures and systems subsystems. During this time he helped to work on the computer model of the spacecraft bus design that is currently being utilized and designed the multiple spacecraft component layouts for the RASCAL-1 mission. 

Kevin grew up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio right next to NASA Glenn where he attended St. Ignatius High School. He now studies electrical engineering at Saint Louis University with a minor in aerospace engineering. Kevin would like to continue his engineering education to the graduate level and work in the engineering industry before considering other possible options.