Daniel Reczek serves as the Propulsion (Prop) Subsystem Lead for the Space Systems Research Lab. The goal of the Prop Subsystem is to develop a micro-propulsion system for a future CubeSat mission that will give the satellite greater precision in its pointing, allowing for six degree of freedom movement. The Prop Subsystem is currently a team of six students, and is currently the only Subsystem falling under the Research Branch of the SSRL. This distinction is made to acknowledge that the micro-propulsion system will not fly on the upcoming SLU-05 mission, but likely on the subsequent SLU-06 mission.

Before taking over as head of the Prop Subsystem, Daniel served as the Secondary Team Lead for the Sealed Container Subsystem (SCS), the predecessor of the Propulsion Subsystem, that was to fly on Rascal-1 (SLU-04). As a member of the SCS, he performed finite element analysis on several iterations of tank designs, as well as assisting in calculating line loss through the plumbing of the system, and helping size the expansion chamber.

Reczek was born in Winfield, Il, a small Chicago suburb west of the city, and lived there until coming to Saint Louis University as a freshman in 2014. He is on course to graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in May of 2018, and has been accepted into SLU’s Accelerated BS-MS program, meaning he is additionally expected to graduate with his Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering in May of 2019. In addition to SSRL, Daniel is the Vice President of Parks College’s AIAA Chapter. Additionally, he is on the ESRA Spaceport America Cup Senior Design Team for the 2017-2018 school year. The SA Cup team is designing a high-powered sounding rocket that will fly to 30,000 ft in the Student Researched and Developed category, meaning most of the major components, including the motor, will be designed and built in-house. On the team, Daniel serves as a Co-Project Manager and as a member of the Computational Analysis and Design Team.