Connor L. Morris serves as the program manager in the Space Systems Research Laboratory (SSRL). In this role, he directs a staff of 50+ members in a university-class space program focusing on the development and operation of a highly reliable Cube Satellite bus (SLU-05). Morris also represents SSRL's interests with Saint Louis University and third parties to maximize the utilization of resources, education, and mission objectives. 

Prior to serving in his current position, Morris was a deputy program manager supporting the job and functions of the previous program manager of SSRL for Copper-2 (SLU-03) and Rascal-1 (SLU-04). During this time, he led the SSRL to develop a partnership with the John Cook School of Business (JCSB) to found the business division of the research laboratory as he identified that the SSRL would require specialized & trained individuals to handle the growing financial load. 

His career with the SSRL started in the power group for Rascal-B (SLU-02b) performing duties as a hardware technician in 2015. After serving there for 6 months, he joined the systems engineering group for Copper-2 developing the system-subsystem designs for the spacecraft. In August of 2016, he was promoted to Systems Engineering Lead and led the development of Rascal-1 system design. He also contributed to the development of the prototype Electronic Power System (EPS) for the Rascal-1 mission, which utilized Li-Po's for the first time in the SSRL's flight history. 

Morris was born in Richmond, VA and grew up in Omaha, NE. He graduated from Creighton Preparatory High School in 2015 where he played football, competed in powerlifting, and served as a project manager for their software development team, awarded twice consecutively. He is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Engineering Mathematics from Parks College at Saint Louis University. Currently he is seeking future internship and employment opportunities in space systems engineering and is considering graduate school to obtain an advanced management degree.