Carter Franz is the Command & Data Handling subsystem team lead in the Space Systems Research Lab. He oversees the design and development of all flight software and necessary computer hardware for the spacecraft, and leads a team of 9 students. His primary objective at the moment is the development of a modular, highly reusable flight software suite using the NASA Core Flight system to streamline the development process in future missions. Carter is also a member of the Attitude Determination & Control Subsystem.

Carter joined the Space Systems Research Lab in the Command and Data Handling team in 2016, where he wrote, tested, and debugged software regarding the imaging payload and file transfer protocols for the Copper-2 cubesat. He then spearheaded the software design of the Rascal-1 cubesat mission. Carter was promoted to Command and Data Handling Lead in May of 2017.

In the Attitude Determination and Control subsystem, Carter researched and selected control methods for the Rascal-1 spacecraft, settling on an air-core magnetorquer design. He also began development of a comprehensive control simulation in Matlab, focusing on environmental models and determining the environmental torques created. He now is looking further into simulation using the NASA 42 simulator, where he hopes to test flight software and control algorithms.